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Past Event Highlights

IRF International
Conference, Chennai,
4th Oct 2015
IRF International
11th Oct 2015
IJMPE   International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering
(IJMPE) E-ISSN- 2321-2071
P-ISSN- 2320-2092
Impact Factor 2.56
DRJI, OAJI, Google Schoolar
IJEEDC   International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication
(IJEEDC)E-ISSN- 2321-2950
P-ISSN- 2320-2084

Impact Factor 3.46
OAJI, Google Schoolar,
Jour Informatics
IJACEN   International Journal of Advance Computational Engineering and Networking
(IJACEN)E-ISSN- 2321-2063
P-ISSN- 2320-2106

Impact Factor 2.25
DRJI, OAJI, Google Schoolar
IJSCAI   International Journal of Soft Computing And Artificial Intelligence
(IJSCAI)E-ISSN- 2321-4384
P-ISSN- 2321-404X

Impact Factor
DRJI, Google Schoolar
IJACSCC   International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Cloud Computing
(IJACSCC)E-ISSN- 2321-4392
P-ISSN- 2321-4058

Impact Factor 2.05
DRJI, Google Schoolar
IJASEAT   International Journal of Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology
(IJASEAT)E-ISSN- 2321-9009
P-ISSN- 2321-8991

Impact Factor 2.05
DRJI, OAJI, Google Schoolar
IJIEEE   International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering
(IJIEEE)E-ISSN- 2349-204X
P-ISSN- 2347-6982

Impact Factor
DRJI, OAJI, Google Schoolar
IJIEEE   International Journal of Advances in Mechanical and Civil Engineering
(IJAMCE) P-ISSN- 2394-2827

Impact Factor
Google Schoolar
IJIEEE   International Journal of Advances in Electronics and Computer Science (IJAECS)
P-ISSN- 2393-2835

Impact Factor
Google Schoolar

IJIEEE   International Journal of Management and Applied Science (IJMAS)
P-ISSN- 2394-7926

Impact Factor



IRF  an independent Engineering and Scientific Learning society for professionals operating in the spheres of Engineering, Science, or Technology. It has registered as a Non-profit Professional organization in India ,Under P.E.Trust. It has a worldwide membership of 5000 individuals based in over 6 countries. IRF  is also a publisher of books, periodicals, magazines, journals and papers related to engineering, science and technology, and organizes meetings, events and conferences related to these themes 

Making Engineering Innovations for a better world.

To influence, inspire and communicate global engineering community, supporting technology innovation to meet the needs of world.



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