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Past Event Highlights

IRF International
Conference, Chennai,
4th Oct 2015
IRF International
11th Oct 2015
IJMPE   International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering
(IJMPE) E-ISSN- 2321-2071
P-ISSN- 2320-2092
Impact Factor 2.56
DRJI, OAJI, Google Schoolar
IJEEDC   International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Data Communication
(IJEEDC)E-ISSN- 2321-2950
P-ISSN- 2320-2084

Impact Factor 3.46
OAJI, Google Schoolar,
Jour Informatics
IJACEN   International Journal of Advance Computational Engineering and Networking
(IJACEN)E-ISSN- 2321-2063
P-ISSN- 2320-2106

Impact Factor 2.25
DRJI, OAJI, Google Schoolar
IJSCAI   International Journal of Soft Computing And Artificial Intelligence
(IJSCAI)E-ISSN- 2321-4384
P-ISSN- 2321-404X

Impact Factor
DRJI, Google Schoolar
IJACSCC   International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Cloud Computing
(IJACSCC)E-ISSN- 2321-4392
P-ISSN- 2321-4058

Impact Factor 2.05
DRJI, Google Schoolar
IJASEAT   International Journal of Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology
(IJASEAT)E-ISSN- 2321-9009
P-ISSN- 2321-8991

Impact Factor 2.05
DRJI, OAJI, Google Schoolar
IJIEEE   International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering
(IJIEEE)E-ISSN- 2349-204X
P-ISSN- 2347-6982

Impact Factor
DRJI, OAJI, Google Schoolar
IJIEEE   International Journal of Advances in Mechanical and Civil Engineering
(IJAMCE) P-ISSN- 2394-2827

Impact Factor
Google Schoolar
IJIEEE   International Journal of Advances in Electronics and Computer Science (IJAECS)
P-ISSN- 2393-2835

Impact Factor
Google Schoolar

IJIEEE   International Journal of Management and Applied Science (IJMAS)
P-ISSN- 2394-7926

Impact Factor


Dos and Don’ts while registering the conference


1. Send your Original Research paper.
2. Test the plagiarism by yourself before submitting the paper.
3. Send the paper in .Doc Format and take the help of Sample paper from the conference website and read the "Rules and Regulations" of the Conference Carefully.
4. Note the last date of Paper submission form the conference website and send the paper before the last date of Submission 
5. Note the Last date of Registration. If your paper got selected you must confirm the registration before last date of registration. Your registration will not be considered after last date of registration and no money will be refunded.
6. Do visit the official conference website(only) and use the official mail id of the conference for all the latest information.(Always refresh the web page for any update)
7. Do check your registered mail ID and Mobile number regularly. Any conference notifications will be communicated through mail and Mobile only.
8. Do Ask for the "Conference Schedule  mail " from the Conference Coordinator after Last date of registration only.


 1. Do not book your tickets and hotels before taking the "Conference Schedule  mail " from our Conference Coordinator.Any financial loss due to travel cancellation/travel rescheduling  will not be provided by the organizer due to conference rescheduling.
2. Do not reach the venue before or after the reporting time on the day of the conference.
3. Do not use any adult picture, Controversial map or Picture while presenting and publishing your paper.
4. Do not consider the Payment Confirmation mail(From Payment Gateway) as the Final Confirmation  mail. Wait for the  "Conference Schedule  mail " from the organizer.




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